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Ecological Transportation in Nice:

 Public self-service bikes (Vélo Bleu) can easily be booked.




Bus and Tramway services in Nice: tramway.png

The Ligne d'Azur network offers you: 

  • More than 130 day-time bus routes in the 49 towns of Nice Côte d'Azur

  • Noctambus: 5 night-time bus routes from 9:10pm to 10:10am

  • The tramway : the N° 1 line offers a north-east connection passing through the city centre along the avenue Jean Médecin and through the Place Masséna 21 hours a day! Every day from 4:25am to 1:35am ...

  • A combined bus/tram ticket with many connection possibilities

  • Solo ticket for one journey allowing changes within 74 min for 1,50 € and various other tickets according to the length of your stay : Multi 10, 1 day Pass, 7 day Pass, Titre Aéro 1 way (lines 98 and 99), Parcazur (return journey)
  • 5 "parc relais" or stopover carparks where you can leave your car free of charge and take the tram to the city centre. 


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